Breaking News!!!

Law school acceptance sometimes works on the good ole’ boy system? Never would have guessed.  The whole world spins off of who you know and where they can get you, get out of my face with this corruption stuff.  The real story here should be how these bozos that scored 128 and in the 130s on the lsat faired in law school. I would love to shove it in my law school friends faces that some dolt with a 128 got into a better school than them and finished no problem. But I’m sure they would find a way to still think theyre gods gift to earth. Fuckin law school kids. The worst.


Cool list showing most expensive tickets in CFB for 2014

All games either classic rivalries or bizzaro home and home deals that we’ll never see again.  Pretty crazy michigan at notre dame is that much higher than the rest. If I’m not mistaken thats the only game involving a big 10 team not played at noon between purdue and indiana of the whole season. Alabama made the list a casual 5 times, Saban literally turning the football program into a money train. Georgia and Notre Dame both made the list 4 time while auburn and lsu both came up 3 times.  No doubt people who never sniffed a college campus while they were 18-22 are crazy about football in the south.

Redefining god given talent

I dont know much about houston, but I do know this guy is electric. I watched almost 2 minutes of that video wide eyed and mouth open, didnt know if a spin was next or a pop lock and drop it. He might not have what it takes to win a competition against a bunch of jugglers and asian break dancers, but he can come to my street corner any day.  Skate/Dance on bro. 10 Gold Stars!!!

The SEC playing carousel in full swing this summer

Georgia gave a couple defensive backs the boot earlier this week, so now its the Aggies turn.  Theres obviously two sides here, victim and aggressor.  Selling weed is such an unbelievably stupid move by these two. Both are sec all freshman, theres at least 5 white haired old dudes in town that will pay them each $1000 to clean his pool once a week. Grown men in the state of texas have probably jacked off to them at some point. Use those street smarts to extort old frail white men, not cheesy white boys.

Wtf are these two kids buying weed from football players for.  Is two upcoming sophomore football players the best you can do? they were probably smoking straight stems and loving every second of it, texting their frat bros about their cool football player drug dealers. HA! Maybe next time stick with the stoner a few doors down for your weed hook up, he might call you at weird times trying to hang out, but at least he isnt going to leave a pistol serial number imprinted on your cheek.  At least they can enjoy  being the guys who destroyed the anchor of the defense for the next 3 years, I’m sure classmates will love them.

Sign of the times

So this is where we’re at in 2014, people just standing by watching people suffer and videoing it on their cell phones.  I would have to throw these ass holes right on top of the fire. Send me to jail I dont care, I would rather sit in a jail cell the rest of my life knowing these pricks are dead than know they’re mouth breathing somewhere out there wasting oxygen for the rest of us. Hopefully karma finds them sooner rather than later.

Take a step back for a second, loser.

How about the balls on this cowboy? What an asshole move to try to pull at a restaurant you damn well know is going to be slammed, and thats not even mentioning the whole gay card thing.  Get a clue man, all pulling the “anti-gay card” in this situation does is hurt it for others in the future when a business probably should get ran out of business for being a bunch of bigots. Selfish stuff.

If you want to get discriminated against, Im sure theres a mom and pop place in some small town out in east texas that will show you what actual prejudice is. Oh wait there is.

literally cant beat the internet these days if you decide to do something blatantly ignorant.  I picture someone asking him if his place is really a gay bar and his response just being jibberish, him breathing really heavy, then falling over dead.


Looks bad for Teresa in the foreseeable future

Not really sure where this is in town but man does it suck to be taresa. Usually you would probably be advised to just weather the storm and wait the day or two for him to pack up his show and head home, but that buddy has cooler.  It could be used as a chair, it could hold food and beverage, it could hold flyers with face pictures. As teresa stares out of suite 2000 she probably never knew in a million years she would have the fear of god not actually from god but from a $15 piece of plastic with wheels. Coolers, its what people go to war with in 2014.

Frisco had one of those color run things

Whats fun about this? Running? Sucks. Getting chalk or whatever all over you? Sucks. Taking pictures with your friends at the finish line? They probably don’t know it sucks but it does because Ill probably screen shot it to my friends and call you ugly.  If you know some beat girl that wants to pay me to run the first 5k of her life and let me dump stuff on her along the way PLEASE point her in my direction. And if youre a guy doing this thing, well, I’m sorry you have such a simple mind. Hopefully you die a slow death when you follow the herd of sheep off the cliff.

Hopefully Will Hill gets new job tweeting all day

Will Hill falls victim to the leagues overbearing pot policy, but thats not what this blog is about.  In the  unlikely case he never plays another game and his name is forgotten forever, lets take this one last time of will hill relevance to remember his short lived college twitter account.

Would hang out with that guy 10/10 times. Not biggie, those few tweets were probably better than anything I’ve ever tweeted thats for damn sure. Not really sure what sour means in that context but I would say there is no doubt will hill is sour as fuck.