Unsuspecting news out of brazil, country wont be ready for olympics


These days whats a major world sporting event without dead dogs or people in the build up to the event? I guess good news for brazil here is they can save a few bucks by not buying buoys and just using the already existing floating human heads for sailing events. I feel bad for the ioc, they obviously have to give sites to poor countries from time to time. But for once they probably just want to come into work, sit down at their desk, and not have to deal with answering rumors that host countries are paying workers 10 pieces of rice per day, or that some guy fell into a concrete mixer and they just buried him 15 feet under the stadium. A country coming out and saying they cant get something done in two whole years is hilarious. Just being total lazy bums. Absolutely 0% chance I even watch a sailing event, so I shouldnt even care. But its always good to know that however bad the U.S. might be its still 10000000x better than almost anywhere else on this earth.


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