No cramps for Lebron in game 2, or maybe even game 1.

My friends from san antonio told me he heard lebron didnt have cramps, but he actually shit himself in game 1. I believe it. Wadding around like he was, it all makes sense now, he just didnt want to smear his shorts. He should of just admitted it. No one ever questions diarrhea. Plus he didnt come out for interviews after the game, even king james gets embarrassed. The key to the whole story though is this story was found on 4chan, which Im pretty sure is part of the deep internet.  I would post a link but couldnt figure out how to work the site plus I was worried the fbi was going to knock my door down any second so I gtfo. Anyways, LePoop evened the series at 1 a piece, headed to shit hole florida for g3.


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