Guinea pig plows through 100 females over 2 weeks, expecting 400 kids.

Aint no party like a randy party cause a randy party dont stop! (unless some bitch scientist moves him back to the male cage) The little guy saw, he came (quite literally), and he most definitely conquered. When most people have lived a very successful life they get a library named after them, or maybe a dorm at a college. But not the real ballers like randy, hes getting an extension to a guinea pig farm which im pretty sure is the human equivalent to  getting a new planet. Just like the fat girl at the bar knows shes ugly because no guy has ever even drunkenly made the mistake of bringing her home, there are probably some really low self esteems in that female cage right now.  If you didnt get tagged by randy at some point during his two week spree you know you suck.


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