Savage of a lady chows down

I know every girl wants attention, but jeez lady, theres better ways to go about it. You flopping a 72oz. steak around in your mouth is repulsive. Its even worse you couldnt stop at 1. Everybodys impressed, no need to flex your dick. There are two things I would definitely want to see from this girl. First is a stool sample, not even in like a creepy way.  Just like out of curiosity and in the name of science what does a 9 pound shit look like? Also, if she goes after food like that theres 0 chance she doesnt go after dick 10x more violent. And again, just in the name of science, is there or is there not a direct correlation between a girl wearing an anarchy jacket eating 9 pounds of steak in 15 minutes and absolutely crushing a dick. I honestly dont think I could even begin to handle this girl. I would just have to let someone else do the actual research and I would sit back and jack off, I mean take notes and form a theory and hypothesis.


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