The SEC playing carousel in full swing this summer

Georgia gave a couple defensive backs the boot earlier this week, so now its the Aggies turn.  Theres obviously two sides here, victim and aggressor.  Selling weed is such an unbelievably stupid move by these two. Both are sec all freshman, theres at least 5 white haired old dudes in town that will pay them each $1000 to clean his pool once a week. Grown men in the state of texas have probably jacked off to them at some point. Use those street smarts to extort old frail white men, not cheesy white boys.

Wtf are these two kids buying weed from football players for.  Is two upcoming sophomore football players the best you can do? they were probably smoking straight stems and loving every second of it, texting their frat bros about their cool football player drug dealers. HA! Maybe next time stick with the stoner a few doors down for your weed hook up, he might call you at weird times trying to hang out, but at least he isnt going to leave a pistol serial number imprinted on your cheek.  At least they can enjoy  being the guys who destroyed the anchor of the defense for the next 3 years, I’m sure classmates will love them.


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