Take a step back for a second, loser.


How about the balls on this cowboy? What an asshole move to try to pull at a restaurant you damn well know is going to be slammed, and thats not even mentioning the whole gay card thing.  Get a clue man, all pulling the “anti-gay card” in this situation does is hurt it for others in the future when a business probably should get ran out of business for being a bunch of bigots. Selfish stuff.

If you want to get discriminated against, Im sure theres a mom and pop place in some small town out in east texas that will show you what actual prejudice is. Oh wait there is.


literally cant beat the internet these days if you decide to do something blatantly ignorant.  I picture someone asking him if his place is really a gay bar and his response just being jibberish, him breathing really heavy, then falling over dead.



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