Draft pick walk up songs

So draft picks choosing walk up songs is where we’re at in 2014.  I think its interesting, I mean obviously black guys are going to choose rap, they have to, but its a great opportunity to look into the white guys brains and see what theyre workin with.  Like Jake Matthews choosing the rocky theme song? GTFO! you probably had days to think of this and thats the best you can come up with? Just kind of goes to show that the vast majority of college athletes are all just kind of unoriginal sheep besides the fact that they can bench 500 lbs. and run 4.4s.  Cant wait to see some guys jig and shuffle on out though. Wouldnt surprise me if at least two new internet dance sensations came out of tonight. GIF CITY!

Think how awkward tebow would of been for this, just blasting some churchy music making everyone uncomfortable, yikes.


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