Might as well talk about it


This is the hypothetical situation that has people teething sea to shining sea and I hope to god it happens.  Bust or not the buzz in dallas will be something it hasnt been in a long time.  Obviously the need is at DL but theres no doubt he would bring an edge to dallas that hasnt been here in a good while.  Dallas is just as likely to win a super bowl down the road because of drafting manziel as they are some d-tackle you had never heard of until last week.  Its all a crap shoot once you get past the second pick, I rather risk it on someone who will keep me entertained every week of the season than some fatty from bowling green who will probably be traded or cut within 2 years.  I wouldnt be mad if they passed on him I just think its too unique of a situation to let go by without trying.  Plus, selfishly, I want the johnny partying uncontrollably rumor mill to be out of control in dallas. I literally cant get enough of that.  I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.


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