Guy gets more than he bargained for

How bout’ ya girl jequilla? Just getting all cocky posting videos of her hanging out with guys on the youtube.  There is no doubt here the victim here WAS NOT with jequilla at 3 a.m. because he likes to enjoy a nice glass of red wine with her before he goes to sleep.  He thought he was being slick, probably gonna get a little head from jequilla, and slip out before the sun comes up so his cronies down the street know nothing.  Thats all before jequilla did what girls do best, and thats put your business out there.  You gotta know the situation “J.”  Now youre in a jail cell with a swollen jaw and an aggravated assault charge.

PS- this reminds me of a girl in college that it was well known about you could just hit her up to “hang out,” watch a few youtube videos, and then she’d clean your pipes and go home.  It was so cool, I never did it, but my friends did.


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